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For Those Who Love To Write & Critique

Some Guidelines

- Members are encouraged to post regularly, though it is not a requirement, a community is nothing without participation. Also regular posting of work can be a source of motivation.

- All posts (of written work) [not including pictures] submitted to this group must contain a header and the work itself (if too long) should be behind an lj cut.

- Only if you are posting a story or fanfic or something like that do you have to include everything in the header. BUT if not, you only have to include title (authorship and genre or any other category on the header is up to you whether or not you want to add it)

The header must contain the following:

Title: (the title of the work)
Author: (who wrote it - LJ name, handle, nickname, whatever the author goes by)
Genre: (Sci-fi, fantasy, crime, chick lit, general, romance, etc)[Also add whether it's a story, poem, fanfic etc.]
Rating: (G - General, PG - Parental Guidance recommended, PG-13 - not suitable for under 13, R - recommended for mature Audiences: NC-17 - not recommended for under 17
Warnings: (sexual situations, violence, blood, etc, anything that may be of concern to the reader)
Critique: (Yes/No, what level - quick look through to give it your worst)
Summary: (short summary - One to three lines of what the work is about)
Authors note: (thanking anyone who helped you with the work, anything else you might like the reader to know).

- If you would like to post adult themed stories, please put in your warning that it is in fact adult themed. Please do not neglect this.

- Please post entire works, not links to works on other journals. (also remember to keep it under the lj cut)

- If you are posting work that in fact does not belong to you, PLEASE remember to ask permission to post before hand! and to put somewhere that it is in fact NOT your work. (we writers don't enjoy when people take our work and post it as their own)

-Please do not promote your community in a post (if you would like us to promote you ASK first, and if we approve, then, and only then can you promote)

-If you’d like to post book reviews, go right ahead! When doing so try to follow the same header for when posting work (including what you thought/think of the book)

-When choosing a title for your post, it doesn't have to be hard, it's actually quite simple. If it's a story (write story) poem (write poem) fanfic (write fan fiction) book review (write book review) it's rather quite simple.

-If you are posting pictures with your work (and there are more than 4) please put them under an lj cut, or embed them

-If you have any questions, complaints, comments, suggestions etc. please contact me (your mod) and I will try to get back to you a.s.a.p

Thank You

I firmly believe every book was meant to be written.
-- Marchette Chute

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